Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden update

This is a little off key of crafting but I wanted to post a garden update. These radishes got picked fresh today from our garden. We planted them by seed back in April radishes are so easy to grow and fast to. This was the first year we got to plant a garden in our new house. We got so lucky the garden was already fenced off just needs a little repair and paint. That is next on the to do list. We tilled it up in April and I was shocked at how great the soil was it had not had a garden in years. When we planted we planted some seeds, like the green beans and radishes now the bell peppers, hot peppers and tomato's and squash was bought in packs. Here is the garden right after we planted it in April.
in April not much to look at lol

Garden today as of May I love my garden

Green beans see all the tiny little beans sprouting

This is our Topsy Turvy we have its holds three tomato plants and three herbs. We have pretty good size tomato's growing on this. Great for those who don't want to till and have to cage them. Well that is our garden so far, thanks for looking. And next post will be craft related I

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