Thursday, April 7, 2011

OWH and where I have been

Sorry have not posted any new projects in a week. The last few days have been busy. I have been working on operation write home cards. If you dont know about them you should check them out. They supply cards for service men and women over seas, so they will have cards to send home for holidays or just a card to write home. They have to get cards way ahead since they will will takes 3 weeks to get to them. So right now I am working on Fathers day cards they ship them May 21st. I really have enjoyed making them. Wish I could make them more but budget wise I cant make them all the time in bulk. Note that if you want to make cards for OWH they have deadlines so check before you start making them. But they do need other cards all year round like love, missing you, thinking of you,birthday, thank you, and blank cards.
So besides making cards we have been working on my computer. DH keep telling me we need to update your computer. So finally I said okay, he likes building computers. Its his So now I have a new system, seems faster. And after fighting it for a while I updated my system to windows 7. I will be lost for two weeks on where everything is but oh Lest its faster and I have a bigger hard drive, and he is happy I am still loading programs back on. I loaded my photo shop today, you notice the banner? My atemped at making my own banner lol, I wanted something smaller. Anyways I will post the fathers day cards next post, thanks for stopping by.

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