Sunday, April 10, 2011

OWH fathers day card

As promised here is one design of fathers day cards I have made so far. You know I am not a very patriotic person I don't fly the flag outside our home. Not that I don't love our country, I was so blessed to have been born here. But no matter if I fly the flag the one thing I support is the troops who serve our country. And when I hear of loss and the person who served our country and there story's, it brings tears to my eyes. I have such honor for them, and what the gave and what there family's gave. My brother was in the first gulf war he came back he was different when he came back but he came back we were lucky. My dad was in Vietnamm he served years, he come home as well. But some family's are not so lucky. We found out a few days ago that DH dad lost a cousin in Afghanistan on March 31 2011. I think he was a second or third cousin but still its there family. DH did not ever meet him and that is sad being he was kin. He was so young only 23, he was from GA. His name was Jeremy Faulkner , his funeral was Saturday in Ga., cant imagine what his mom and dad are going through. I am sure they are so very very proud of there son, but their hearts heavy with sorrow. Now when I make more cards for OWH I will think of him. If making a simple card for someone serving helps even in the tiniest way I am glad to do something to honor those serving our conntry. Makes me want to send so many cards any chance I get. If you would like to leave a message to the family on the funeral home web page here . I am sure they would love all the support they can get. Thanks you.

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