Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You know as I was crafting late last night I got to wondering, I wondered what time everyone is at there most creative? I find I am most creative at night, I have no idea why. Maybe its because I am not thinking about the laundry and cleaning and what are we having for dinner. It seems like even if I set time a side to craft during the day either I get phone calls or have to much to do I cant even get my creative juices flowing. So for me I am most creative at night, unless I do get a good night sleep and wake up super early. Which is hard when you have insomina. On days I do wake up rested I find I want to go craft for just a little bit, helps to if I have a fresh clean craft area to work in. Which is not that clean to much...lol Well I would love to hear everyone else's most creative and favorite times to craft. Maybe I am normal...lol sometimes think I am the only one up at 1:30 am finishing up a card.

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