Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cards of support!

Okay I thought my next post would be craft related but this was much more important. I have a favor to ask of you bloggers. If you could take just a few mins of your day to make a card of support for a family going through a very hard time. This is for a online friend I have known for many many years. I met her in a crafting group and since a group of us always have stayed in touch even though the group is no longer around. Jacquie has a daughter and 8 months ago she had her son Hayden. Hayden after he was born had some health issues on and off but things seemed to take a turn for the worse a few months ago. He began losing wight even with close monitoring making sure he got extra nourishment to get some weight on him, he still lost. He had to be put in the hospital a few days after they seen he still was not gaining. He gained some weight and they did some testing to try to find out why he had been losing weight. He got to go home after he put some weight on, then not long after he got home he got sick and had to go back and was back in the hospital for phenomena.
He was a very sick little boy. Since then they have been in the Hopsital and now have been transfered from Alaska to Seattle just the other day. They flew Hayden by plane to Seattle they have found out he has a very serious conditions called SCIDS (severe combined immunode...ficiency)  Click here for more info on it. Its a life threating diease and he has to undergo a bone morrow transplant. That is why the medivaced him to seattle to undergo this. During this time she is seperated from her daugher while she is there with her son Hayden. This has been a very trying time for there family and little Hayden has been a trooper with all the sickness and testing he has keep a huge smile on his face. He has won a spot in many of our hearts.
Is that not the cutest face!
So what I am asking of you blogger is to take a few mins of your day and make or just send a card to the address below. Would love to see his room full of caring cards and letters of support. This family needs lots of prayers and just to know others are thinking of them. And should you want to keep track of the day to day progress there is a Caring Bridge page and facebook page for him as well. I will have that below as well.
Seattle Childrens Hospital
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle,WA 98105
c/o Hayden Boone
dont worry about room # they will find his room #

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