Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday card

Hi as promised here is a birthday card, it will be going to my mom her birthday is in a few days. Its very simple. I did not use a cricut cause I found a cute 12 x 12 paper from a left over paper stack and so that is where the art comes from. I glued it to card stock and then cut it out and the remaining left over paper I also used for a little of the background. Sorry for the late post, meant to post last night. We were helping our new neighbor's, they needed to borrow our wall paper steamer. So had to show them how to use it. They are doing what we did work on the most you can before you moved They already have been working on the outside. They seem so nice, young couple they have a 19 month old. The wife keep saying wow it gets so dark out here is it always this dark? LOL We have no street lights cause our subdivision is so small not HOA to pay for lights. You get used to it
Well back to work I am working on our bedroom closet going through stuff and getting rid of what no longer fits or I dont wear. I am trying to get my life back in order to much stuff and unorganized. And have come to learn the more you have the more you have to clean and up keep. More is not always Well thanks for looking.

Paper stack
core destinations paper brown
Hero art stamps- Birthday message
Celebrate it sheer ribbon
Celebrate it poke a dot ribbon
Kraft card stock for banner

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