Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trip to the fire museum

Okay a few days ago I posted about our train ride through Denton county Texas. And I had a pretty long post so promised I would post about the fire muse another day. So here it is. While we was in town walking past the main fire station I noticed they had a small museum inside and since DH used to work part time for a small fire department I thought well lets go check it out. They had lots of pictures of our town long ago and pictures of certain fires they worked. But they had lots of equipment on display as well.
This is a Hose Cart they used to move these around by hand in the late 1800's until the early 1900's they went to horse drawn hose carts, Cant blame
These are fire man suits worn through the years The one in the center is late 1990's to present One to the right is from the 1920's to 1930.

1950's to 1960's
I did not get a date on this but judging by it I would say its a 1920's to 1930's

Now this one is very old I have never seen such a old helmet and well used.

This guy looks like he is about to take off in the space But he is a proximity suit not sure what that is really.

This was a bunch of old hose nozzles

The brass nozzle was a deck gun nozzle it was dated late 1800's
Well that was most of what I got I did not take alot of photos cause my camera bat was running low. I know its not craft related but thought some of you might like to see all the neat stuff fire museums have in them. Its always neat to see all the old old equipment they had to work with. And here is a interesting fact to end with. Back when it the fire department was the bucket brigade it was law you had to have your own water bucket and have it outside your home. Many would have there names on them, and I always thought they brought there buckets to put fires out. I learned something new. Thanks for looking.

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