Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday card

Hi I am so sorry I have been MIA for so long on craft projects. I know I lost a few followers and I get it, my post have gone down. Where have I been? Trying to get our home back in order, seems like the more you have the more time it consumes. And after our move last year I put off alot of boxes and home projects cause I was tired and needed a break. So I have been trying to work on getting that done. Please bare with me if I dont post a project one week. I will in future post if I wont be able to make a post that week to let you know. Anyway we had a productive weekend here till Sunday night at lest. We mowed and cleaned up the front entry amazing how much dirt collects there. And I picked up some junk in the back yard. Then I clean our shed some and that is where the end of the weekend took a turn. As I was coming out I missed my step and started falling since I my hands where full I could not catch myself. So I finally let go of the stuff cause what was coming was a cinder block I was about to fall on head first. That would have hurt, so I was able to miss it but I still hit the cinder block with my chest area. If you girls know what I mean. My that hurts so much, one of the girls is bruised up now. I scraped up and banged up my arm and leg, leg will have pretty good bruise on it for sure. But I am lucky I missed falling face first on the cinder block.  My wrist took the brunt of the fall but seems okay. It hurts a tiny bit if I put a bunch of body weight on it but no breaks just a little bruises. So that was my weekend. Anyway today I made my SIL a card her birthday will be coming up in a few days so thought I would share it with you. I used the new cart I just got cindy loo. Thanks for looking and I hope you can bare with me if I dont post a ton like I was. This week should be better cause I got alot done last week.


Anonymous said...

OMG are you ok? I know falling from the stairs hurts.
I love your card. I love that cartridge.
Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate the advice, I was a size 0 too and I know I don't want to be that size again. I just want to feel healthier lol :) but thank you so much.

laurie said...

What a cute card!!! Very cute. But I think the highlight of this post is your FALL! omg....there is nothing like a fall like that that makes you stop and think about all the "what-ifs" that could have happened and the outcomes. A bruise and scrapes can be dealt with....broken bones and head injuries....can't. Luckily you are ok and the damage isn't any worse.

I also love your pictures of the fire museum trip. I love to travel and haven't for some years now because my priorities have shifted but I totally appreciate pictures that others share. I love to hear stories and to see other parts of the country and world. I love watching the show House Hunters and House Hunters International so I can see how other people live and what it is like to be in a different place. We don't have a museum like that around here so I appreciate the photos....Keep the posts coming!

laurie said...

Sorry to be so "I" focused....I just connect with your :)


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