Saturday, August 13, 2011

New uses for computer desk

Hi just wanted to make a post on what been going on. Friday was a busy day I did three loads of cloths and cleaned and organized since in laws will be in town Monday. And I also mowed the yard as well Friday.Today my brother and his family are down so we will going a few places and back our home for a bit and then rest of the day I plan to relax a Cause Sunday I have to tidy up entry way since it will be the last day before they come in. Anyway during cleaning my craft area I thought about making a post about how I have used a computer desk. But let me tell you the story of how I got the desk.
After we moved in a few weeks later people next door was remodeling and was throwing alot of furniture away. I had see all this furniture outside and I keep seeing this desk and I was thinking I bet I could use that for crafting. I would never bring myself to go get But after it got a little dark I thought here is my chance. So I went over and got it and Dh was saying what are you going to do with this. Since we had just moved in at the time and I had a place I could finally have a desk to craft at I needed a desk. But what I was thinking when I seen this was "this will not take up a huge amount of room like a full size desk". Best of all its

What I love it all closes up it a computer hutch type unit. Its not very wide but it open up and has a pull out keyboard area. So between both surfaces it gives me a pretty good amount of room. And when I am done I close it all up and I can just put the key board area in with projects I am working on.

Its been working pretty good for me and I can house some supplies I work with alot on hand in bottom.

Its not pretty by no means but its functional. I do plan to refinish it later on cause the top needs it, I was really shocked to see it was all real wood not pressed board. Its heavy for such a small unit, takes two to move it. Well anyway thought I share this idea with anyone like me that needs a craft area but has space limits. Thanks for looking, hope you have a great weekend. It might be a few days before I post again since we will have family in town.


beejay said...

Great idea to repurpose a computer desk and your scrapping space looks wonderful! TFS said...

Looks wonderful:)

web design manila said...

I like your PC desk, it was incredible and wonderful. You did a good job. Thank you for sharing and keep posting.



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