Saturday, September 10, 2011

10th Annv of 9/11

I wanted to take some time to remember Sept 11th. It is hard to believe its been ten years! Sept 11th did not affect me personally, I did not lose anyone or know anyone who lost loved ones. But my heart goes out to any of those who have lost loved ones or friends to the tragic events of 9/11.
This week as they have been showing past videos it brings up so many emotions, I cant even imagine what its like for those affected by it personally. They have to relive it over and over I dont know if I could bare it had I lost a loved one on 9/11. They say time heals but I dont think time will ever heal what happened on 9/11 and the impact it made on there lives. Each person lost was not just a name they were husbands and wives mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. And they were somebody child. I will never forget that day I found out about the attacks.
I was home and I was still asleep till the phone rang and I heard the answering system come on and could hear Gene saying turn the news on there are planes crashing. As I said I was asleep so I was very confused. I thought what in the world is he talking about? I call him back at work and he tells me turn the news on, two planes have hit the trade centers. And when I seen the building I was first in shock then they replayed the video of the second plane hitting and I could not believe it. Well after I hung up with him I was glued to the tv as most of us was that day. But he had to go out of the office to work since he is a electrician. So him and his helper who is also a friend left for work. I was watching it thinking who did this and why? And then I thought I wonder how they will get these fires out. Never did it cross my mind what would happen. As I was watching live I seen the building go, I thought no that could not have been the whole building. But it was. I called Gene and his helper and said the building just fell, he said the building what? I said the building is gone. And during the between news you were getting reports of all planes to land and be grounded. And then reports if of a plane hitting the Pentagon and others still missing. It was then I realized this is not over what target is next. When I seen the news of a plane crashing in a field you had to wonder where had that one been heading to. If it had not been for those brave people who knows how many more would have died that day. That evening after seeing this all day, I was outside sitting on our porch. It was so quite, the silence was erie. We lived right under the landing path for DFW airport. And for the first time there were no planes, it was just so quite you could hear a pin drop. But with the quite come the comfort of it was over but life will never be as we knew it.

Forward to ten years later I think its safe to say we all have adapted to the normal. But those mostly those who lost there loved one. They still had to get up the next day and live life no matter the pain. Mom or dads still had to take care of there children and provide for them. And some who had not had there children yet had to face giving birth without there husbands. Its amazes me the strength they had and still have. It really says something about the human spirit to move ahead and adapt. We cant every change what has happened but you found a way to move ahead to a new normal.

Did what happen make me want to not travel? No for the first time in my life on the week of the first annv of 9/11, I flew on my first commercial airplane to Vegas. My brother thought I was But as I told him if you let what happened scare you into not enjoying life then they have won. I will not let them hold me back from living, life is to short. I don't want to look back when I am older with regret of all the things I wish I had done. That is what I have learned from 9/11, live for today your not promised tomorrow.

The water falls that honor the lost, were the WTC's once stood.
 So as we remember 9/11 my hope for today on the tenth annv of 9/11 as they unveil the memorial, may it bring closer to those who survived  or lost loved ones. So many did not get to bury there loved ones and have no place to visit. I hope this will give them a place to grieve and pay respects. It is there finale resting place. And I pray that all goes well today and it remains a safe day. Its so sad that such hate and evil live on this same planet we all share. I have yet to understand why cant we all have the right to believe in whom ever god we want to believe in and not be hated for it. But I guess somethings will never make sense. Take time to remember but do take time to enjoy life, your loved ones and be thankful for what you have. Have a good day! Feel free to share your story, would love to read what others were going through that day.

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