Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cricut carts on sale at Joanne's

I thought I would share some sales they have going on at Joanne's. They have full content carts at 39.99 and the best deal is the cricut projects and events carts for 19.99! You can get Flower Shoppe for 19.99 seems like that one has been a big seller.
I am going to start posting the weekly sales again like I used to. Stopped doing it cause I have been on a tight budget and sometimes I see the really good sales and its tempting to go and spend. So that is how I have been saving money not really looking at every sale ad...lol
Also I will be posting a project soon sorry I have taken this last week off. I have been slacking. This weekend was full of to do's or else I would have crafted and posted already. But I have to make a make something tomorrow since I am needing to send a card out and I dont have any ANNV cards on hand. So tomorrow you should see a post. I should be able to make it and get it posted. Thanks for being understanding I am sorry to have slacked off on crafting but we have had a busy few week working around our house. Will explain later...lol

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