Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give Away on my blog going till Saturday!

I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone to make sure to hop over and check the give away out going at my blog till Saturday. I am in shock there have not been more than 1 comment. Thought there would be some of the readers who would love a free digital scrapbook program. If you would like to enter make sure to leave a comment on this post My memories digital scrapbook software and give away! Be sure to enter for your chance for the free software. I was told by one person they had trouble commenting if that is going on email me at and let me know I will try to see what is going on.
Anyway sorry have not posted any new post we have had company this week they left yesterday. It was a very interesting two weeks. I wont go into detail cause I don't want to bore But lets say for those that are lucky and get along with there in laws feel lucky and don't take it for granted. But anyhoo I just thought I make a fast post saying things will get back to normal. And also wanted to share some more I the LO's I made with the my Memories suite software. I am really loving the digital scrapbook software I think my goal this year to make my nephew a graduation album will come true with some help from this software. So here are some more LO's I did
This is some of the old family photos I have been lucky get, my grandma and grandpa you far right at the end.
The photo with the kids is my grandma and her two girls my mom and my aunt and her nephew Gene
My better half Gene after he got his Thanksgiving day Deer. I hope it dont upset people who don't believe in hunting I am the say same way I hate seeing deer killed but I don't force my view in Gene. With that said I do not eat DEER or anything he kills I don't like seeing my food with fur or feathers on it before it gets to my
So there are a few more LO's and I think I will make a card today as well, will share it tonight or tomorrow. Make sure to go and comment for a chance to win the My memories suite as well.

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