Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry I have been mia and here is a card

Hi I am so sorry I have been MIA with craft posting. I have been busy working around the house trying to get all those little today things we never finished done. This past Friday we had two attic fans fixed, funny part is we had to get a electrician to come out. And Gene is a But because we did it under home warranty they had to send there guy out. Can say I was very unimpressed! The man they sent out was rude when you ask him something he say I dont know I guess I am not getting what your getting at. The main part that annoyed me was he was so loud. He had this board he used to walk on in the attic. But he was throwing the board on the rafters anytime he need to move on to another area. I realized there would be some noise but I never thought he was going to shake the whole My poor cats, took the rest of the day to come out cause they were so scared. So anyway now that the attic fans are fixed we will be working on getting insulation blown in. That is so not going to be fun, but we got a good price from a company and we are going to use them. We knew when we bought the home it needed insulation so after paying 300.00 one month for electric we decided its time. I hope after that the bill will drop. But anyway enough about the boring home repair

I made this card cause I needed a annv card for spet 25. Funny story to that date is My brother cliff got married to my SIL Jenny in 1994 on sept 25. Then in 2000 my brother richard married my SIL Shelia on of all dates SEPT 25! So both there annv are so easy to It was not planned but was funny when my brother cliff said wow your getting married on our ANNV. So the good part of that is one can called the other and make sure they dont forget the ANNV. Which has I just thought I share that funny little family story. Okay the card, it s simple card and I had major mental block going for this card. You know how that is when you just have no creative juice flowing. When I dont make something for a while I do that. So products used will be listed below. Thanks for looking.


Silvia said...

What a beautiful card, I love it.

Crafty Starkie said...

This is perfect! I love the colors and everything about it! You really have such a great eye for card layouts! Nice work!


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