Monday, September 12, 2011

I have a secret

I know I have not been posted a craft project lately and I plan to in the next two days. But today and last week I have been busy working around the house. Sunday gave our porch a good cleaning and added a few things like table and chairs and flowers. It looks so much better I think, it looks much more inviting. And during the week before I have been scrubbing and scrubbing our guest bath room tile. From the time we moved in I wanted to clean the dingy grout and I knew we had to re chalk the tub. So before we re chalk I wanted to make sure the grout was clean. What a chore this has been. Now we have to repair a few tiles and then we can chalk the tub area. And during all this I weeded the flower bed since the weather was so pretty last week. I also added fresh mulch so the flower bed looks good again and its ready for fall. This past Saturday we had an attic insulation company come and give us a est of how much it would run to get more insulation added and I was shocked it was not as bad as I thought it would be. So we plan to be doing that soon. I have to get two attic fans fixed before then and today Gene fixed an electric line that had wire nuts just open and laying on a beam was not in a box at all. Very So its in a box now. So that has been what I have been up to. Just small things that eat up time.
Part of today I spent doing something I used to do a while back before we moved. Its something I have not talked about but I will admit it now. Today I have been clipping Yes I am a couponer!
 I cut them for sorting and then I will file them in coupon folder's.

My helper socks she loves

I used to do it all the time before we moved then during getting the house ready and moving and settling I did not have time and then I just kinda got out of it. I used to go to the store all the time and get free stuff, what I did not use I gave to family and friends or donated.  I am not one of those extreme couponer like on TV. That drives me nuts to see them get 1,000 worth of stuff for 5 dollars. Best I ever did was 230.00 and got it down to 8.00 but it takes time and you have to orginize to save that kind of money. I just want to save some money. Those extreme couponers have stock piles and spend hours a day getting ready for shopping trips. I want time to enjoy other I hate doing it, but since we have more bills now I am finding one income is not cutting it. Its so depressing to go to Michaels and have 5.00 extra to spend. Trust me I did it this week. So I have decided the only way I can get to where I can make the bills and have a little extra for crafting is to get back into couponing. And I hope it will give me more extra money to be able to get more of credit card debt paid off sooner. So bare with me I will post something soon, I have a few projects I have to do and some I just want to do. Just wanted to say where I have been and admit my secret to you, maybe some of you are couponers yourself. Well hope you had a good Monday and will have a post craft related soon.

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