Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Got my cricut fixed Yahoo!!

Well I finally fixed my cricut, cuts are finally good and not torn. I looked at the blade and the blade housing and noticed there was rust on the blade and it seemed to be not turning so well in the blade housing. So with nothing to lose I scrubed really carefully the blade top to get as much rust I could off. Then added a drop of wd40 and a tiny drop to the inside of the blade housing. Put it all back together again and tired cutting thinking it wont work but little did I know it did. Got a clean cut just like it was brand new. I am sure provo craft would not recommend this fix but hey it saved me 30.00 the cost of a new housing. And plus there plastic now I am sure cause of this very same problem I had. What cant you fix with wd40 best little helper to have around. Hope this helps anyone having trouble with there cricuts I had tried new blades new mats and had no clue. So if yo have tried it all except buying a new housing give this a try and see if you can extend that housing just a little longer and save 30.00 for another cartage....lol

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