Monday, April 15, 2013

New life challenges

Family emergency...
I am not sure if I have people who read or look at my blog much lately, but just in case there is even just a few. I just wanted to say I will not be able to post lest for a week or two maybe more, I am not sure yet. I had planned on getting back to crafting and blogging starting this week. But life has thrown us a huge challenge. They say the lord dont put more on you than you can handle but I keep asking why is he doing this, we are not this strong. What was a pretty good week ended Saturday with a passing of a loved one. It has been a shock to say the lest and we are just taking it hour by hour day by day. Its only been two days but yet it seems like its been a week. The hours drag on and all we do is keep going doing what we have to. Have not had much sleep so forgive me if this post is not worded well or well put together. But starting tomorrow we will be busy lest for a few days then we have to deal with other things. I just wanted to be fair and tell anyone reading my blog or the few who read it, I wont be around for maybe two weeks or more not sure yet. If I do post at all this week it will be with a update. I would like to ask those who read this blog please say a prayer for our family. We have been so blessed to have such lovely neighbors they have come paid there respects even said a prayer. And also a neighbor who has just been great to us since we moved in, she is helping by having our yard work done. Just so sweet. And our closest friends we have come over today to help out. All I can say is I can feel the love and it helps so much we are blessed. Even the little things like a neighbor who brought a house plant over just means so much right now. If I might ask whom ever reads my blog to please say a prayer for our family. Would greatly be appreciated.  Just feel like we are stuck in a bad dream you cant wake up from. And the next day you wake you have that moment were you hope it was just all a bad dream and then you get up and realize it was not a dream. I have had many times I have just say out loud please let this nightmare end. Anyway I am sorry I have rattled on and on. I will give updates maybe this week. I am just so tried I think I am going to try to get rest while I can, its going to be a long day tomorrow.


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