Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day "Bloom"

Today I wanted to make a card earth day themed. The one I wanted to make I could not, thanks to my cricut. So the next plan was make a card that I could give and they could get somthing earth friendly. So got to thinking how about a flower themed card and I will add a package of flower seeds. So that is what I did today. Will add a pack above the area where it says "planted". Take a photo once I complete it and repost. Now that is about all I got And had so much more to do. I normally like to plant flowers and a garden on earth day. I will say I got one A tomato plant. I had bought some herbs to plant cause well I have never planted any so thought try something new. I was running low on soil so thought okay I will stop here and run to town, plus we needed a new garden hose anyway. So we leave and just about in town where we needed to go and the truck just dies right in the middle of busy rush hour traffic. He got the truck over some but we ended up getting stuck at the turn lane at the light. He is trying to restart it and nothing. And never a cop when you need one. And people will see the flashers on and still will honk. So we call someone to come least help us out of the road so we can free up the turn And soon as we hung up with them we called the insurance towing. All I have to say is Farmers Help point is awesome. Tow truck was there in no time and had to pay nothing cause they at help point called for us and made sure they got the lowest rate. But now we have to find out whats wrong with the truck I am dreading that part. Well that was our earth day not so much fun. Hope the card will give someone an ideas, always like to share ideas.

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Gwen said...

I love this one :)


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