Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before and After

We are now on month three at our new house. I have slowly started to finally get stuff where I want it. The kitchen is pretty much organized where things work the best for me. Thanks to being inspired by Amanda at kevinandamanda.com She had some handy ideas for organizing cabinets. So now I want to work on our bathroom, and I am starting small and simple. I had a drawer that was a mess every time I needed something I would have to rummage through the drawer. It housed my makeup and products I use a lot. So I found this plastic container divider for 4.88 at target.
It's not perfect but for now it works and later on when I find something that works better for me I will transfer this to another place for use. Since I put this to use I have been able to get ready so much faster when I need my eye liner I know right where to look. I use bare minerals makeup and there are so many small containers its easy to miss place one. I now have a home for all the containers in one place, I use it then it goes right back to the home. And a place for the makeup brushes. The feeling I get when I am able to find what I need when I need it gives me the drive to now work on the next project. I am starting with small steps, but even this little organizer has saved me time and made life just a little bit more simple.

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