Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink ATG

I have a new favorite thing that I wish I would have bought so long ago. I have seen many people use the ATG guns on scrap booking and card making. And have wanted one but the ATG 714 was to much for me to pay at 79.00 ordering it online. So a few months ago they come out with a new ATG gun its pink already a color us crafter's would like, and best part is they were selling for 34.00 not to bad. But you still had to order online. Last month I was at Michaels and had my 50 off coupon and was looking for anything I needed, and when I found this in store I just about I said oh my gosh I am so getting this. With my 50 off I got this for 20.00 it was 39.00. It has been the best money spent on a craft item. I was using mono tape which does normally work pretty good but if you have something with embossed paper I found it will come up after a few days. Found out the hard way had a card fall apart that was done with embossed papers. So after I got this I had to try it on the embossed papers, and wow does it work. You will never have to worry about your card falling apart ever with this tape. And you get 216 feet of tape inside with the gun. And the refills run 9.99 for another 216 feet. When you compare price wise this is the better deal. And when you buy this ATG Gun part of the money goes to Susan G Komen. It's Oct and Breast Cancer awareness month and you can help give a little and get something in return. I promise you will love this tape gun, I love mine. I find its to more earth friendly as well, you only throw a tiny bit of plastic away verses with mono tape a whole plastic insert. My michaels had them but not all michaels has them in stock. If yours dont you can order online at many online scrapbook sites.

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