Saturday, October 9, 2010

Operation Write Home (OWH)

For awhile I have been wanting to make some cards for those serving over seas. I seen this site OWH from another blogger and thought here is my chance. I always say I am going to do it and never find the time. So I emailed and ask for a stamp, you don't have to have the stamp but its make the cards get out faster if they are already stamped on back. My plans are to make Christmas cards this year to send to OWH. Even with the war coming to a close there is still a need for those still on active duty serving. If you cant make cards you can even just send a letter saying thank you. Now if you choose to make cards and email for a stamp beware it is a unmounted stamp. You will have to mount it. But with a xyron sticker maker and removable adhesive and some craft foam you could adapt the stamp to work with clear blocks, that is what I did. I can remove it after I am done and store in cd case. I will do something else later on but this was so I can use it for now. By the way if you would like to make Christmas cards the cut off date for them is Oct 30 they have to have them early cause of shipping over seas. To check it out go here

For step by step on how I mounted the stamp check here

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