Thursday, September 30, 2010

World card making day MIA

Well last weekend was world card making day and yes I had no We went out of town and I was so busy Friday packing I had no chance to post. Gene wanted to go hunting for opening weekend. I get lucky cause he hunts on my cousins land and we get to stay with him and my brother is right down the road. But I have to say it gets really Wished I had enough time to get my stuff together and take some craft items I could have made cards. Oh well next time will plan ahead a little better. Hope everyone had a fun day crafting for WCMD. I hope maybe to slip in some time to craft this week. Gene's family is coming so I have to get the house ready for guest. Our guest room still has some stuff in it. Really cant call it a guest room due to the fact there is no We still have not had a chance to get a bed. So with the chance his grandmother my well come down with his parents as well, we might have to go get a blow up mattress for now. We may have to give our bed to grandma and we let his mom and dad take the blow up mattress and we camp on the I am not look forward to having a house full like this at one time, and I dont know his grandma that well so the thought of her staying here makes me nervous. But sometimes you got to do what you don't like, wish me luck.

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