Thursday, September 2, 2010

Working with clear stamps

Working with clear stamps can be tricky but with a few tips you can get a great print from a clear stamp, even a 1.00 stamp.
Regular Clear Stamps
Problem: When using dye inks my stamp never gives me a clear and clean stamp, ink pools.
Solution: 1st thing you can do. Stamp your clear stamp in versa mark ink pad before inking up your stamp with your dye ink. The versa mark will give the stamp a coating of clear and better surface for the dye ink to stick to.
Other tips: When working with normal clear stamps its best to use pigment inks or even better chalk inks. They are a good thick ink that will coat your stamp evenly for a better print. Now certain colors I have noticed may stain your stamps like reds and greens so make sure to have something to clean with quickly on hand.
Photo polymer stamps
Now these stamps are in a class of there own. They are clear for easy stamping but they stamp like a normal rubber stamp. Dye works great, pigment is fine I have found if you use cahlk ink it will stain, need a heavy stamp cleaner for these. These stamps do cost more but well worth it. Love photo poly-mer stamps cant say enough about them.
Finale tips
Staz-on ink this ink will work with all stamps. This ink is a fast drying ink it will bond to glass, metal, fabric and more. It will not smudge when using water, great for water coloring. Downfall, very hard to clean off and can stain your stamp. Best to only clean this ink off with staz-on stamp cleaner.
How do I clean my stamps when using my normal inks? Simple baby wipes yep baby wipes. They work great but make sure its the alcohol free kind. Alcohol might dry the stamps out and then crack.
Well hope that helps some, this was as condensed as I could get, if you want more details feel free to email and will answer any questions. And if you have any tips to share feel free to email.

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