Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hooked on 1.00 stamps

Okay if anyone shops at Michaels you know about the 1.00 stamps. Well they got a whole new batch of clear stamps in and they come with gems also. I seen them and I had to get a few. Have gotten them in the past, there not detailed as a rubber stamp or clear photo polymer no dout but for a 1.00 stamp they do pretty good. Would I buy these stamps for a super important project? No! There not for a really important project that has to be prefect. But for every day cards I think they are great. And the new ones are really cute! The one with the tree says "bloom where your planted" you cant tell cause of flash on camera and the other with the butterfly says "thanks for everything" The Owl stamp says "its owl good" Thought that was cute. Oh by the way the 1.00 stamps are put out by studio g they do have a I have a collection now. Will post a few tips for working with clear stamps next blog, there are some things you can do to get better prints from your clear stamps. So check back for some tips.

1 comment:

BuncoAddict said...

Clear stamps are the only way to go!!


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