Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black friday deals for Cricut junkies!

Well it's only three days till Thanksgiving so time to eat the turkey and then A lot of stores are having great deals so thought I would kinda put a list together of who has what . And if you want to see the black friday ads for yourself just click here. Hope this helps.
Deals at Michael's Only store that will start sale on Thursday
The gypsy as I posted in previous post that will be 99.00 All day item Thursday-Saturday
Cricut carts will be 60 % off  89.99=35.99 69.99=27.99 All day item Thurs-sat
3 Pack stickles 1 oz bottles limited edition 6.99 All day Thurs-Sat
Friday only items-3 pack Iris Scrapbook cases 5.79 / Cricut ver 1 st cricut machine 69.99
Saturday only items-Disney carts 24.99
Also there is a coupons for 50 off one items also 20% off total including sale items.
Deals at Joann's
Cricut carts for 27.00
Cricut expression 199.99
Cricut mini cake Joann's exclusive only 99.99
Cricut imagine 449.99
Deals at Walmart
Walmart has great deals they are all day sale friday but they will go fast!
Cricut lite carts for 20.00 normally 39.00
Cricut expression for 185.00 its a walmart only cricut and this year they are really pretty as you can see from the scan from the ad. Colors are Aqua, Plum, Green, Canary.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, nice job! This was the stuff I had to have.


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