Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you got to spend time with your loved ones. We went to my family's this year, we got back Friday night. It was almost a uneventful Thanksgiving for We was getting the dressing out and thought my cousin had it, well I was wrong. Yep dressing pan fell and dressing almost every where. The good part was it did not flip over only part fell out so we saved it or lest some of There dog got some dressing this year. Whats thanksgiving without one mishap. Also to while we where visiting Gene went hunting, my cousin's where we stay has land. So when we stay he just gets out of bed and walks to his blind. He had not got a deer in two years but he broke that record on Thanksgiving. He came back with a 8 point and not only did he get one but my brother got two. I walk outside and I see three deer laying out I could not believe it. So part of that day was spent driving to take them in to get processed. I know some people cant stand the idea of killing deer and I feel the same way. But if I don't agree with it that is my view I cant look down on those that like it and Gene is one that does like to hunt. I am happy he got to get something cause that is his hobby, but at the same time feel bad for that deer. He will also have it mounted so I get to look at it all the time. Payback for all the scrapbook stuff he has to look
Oh speaking of scrapbook stuff hope you all got to do some craft shopping. We hit a few walmarts on the way home I found one 20.00 lite cart I was wanting, the Christmas one cant think of the name. They had lots of the cricuts expressions left, and they were so pretty. Almost wish I had waited on Such a good deal. But anyway that was all the shopping I did we are on a major budget so craft funds are limited. But hope you all got what you was after on black Friday. Hope the posting about sales helped.

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