Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kiwi Lane Designs

Back again this time to share my thoughts on the Kiwi Lane Designs I got at the scrapbook show. I finally got a chance to use them, and I have to say really do like them. The scrapbook show was the first time I had ever seen these. And if it had not been for a friends friend I probably would not have noticed them. It come in conversation about what she had bought and she had said she bought a whole kit from Kiwi Lane Designs. And I wont say how much she spent but it was a lot! LOL I had never heard of them so she took me over to see the booth and I just loved the idea. Its templates you can use to layer and design then you trace and cut then put it back together. I just loved the idea being I am very much a visual person.
The price point is not bad, sets I got was 10.00 and 12.00 would I buy a whole kit which has everything they make? No. First don't have that kind of money and second some of the cuts are rather basic. For example a (basic picture size pack) yes can see through them and mark where you want to cut your photo down. Also use them to figure out how you want your LO. But just don't know if I would buy them, you could make them yourself. These that I got were for use in card making. These are the small sets the brackets set was a accessory set and the other set is a card boarder set. I kinda wish I had got the bigger mini boarders. Think they had 8 inch long boarders, but hey next time will know what to look for.

They come with a ring to keep them together which I love, for those of us who like to try to keep our stuff They are also labeled so you know what set it is and what size it is, love that. Now because these are trace and cut if you are not good with cutting stuff out this might not be for you. I will say I am not the best at cutting stuff out and I did not have any trouble. These templates are rather basic cuts. It wont compete with a die cutter for detailed cuts of course. Now I am sure your thinking well if you have a die cutter why would you need these. Well sometimes I am just plain lazy and I dont want to have to deal with getting the stuff together to cut or even get on my computer to make cuts. If its something detailed yes but for a basic cut I dont want to have go to that much trouble. And I love my cricut I really do, just sometimes not in the mood to deal with the hassle for a simple cut. Sure I am not the only one that feels this Anyways I wanted to make something with these sets I got. Seen such cute owl cards at the booth ( photos in last post) and loved the owl brown lunch bag. So what I did was kinda meld the two ideas together. So this card LO is not my idea. But just thought the projects they had was so cute.

For my owls eyes I cut two white die circles and then cut two more in a light brown tone and cut those to shape eyelids. And took black ink and inked where there would be lashes also used light glimmer mist to make the lids pop. Then cut small stripes of black and made lashes. I used buttons for the eyes its all I had on hand so they had to be I pop doted the lids as well. The face was from the bracket set size 4T and the body (Feathers) was made with the Adorn set and used size 3B.

I have to say I did not use a single piece of new card stock or paper, used all scraps for this card. These are a awesome why to get rid of some of those scraps we hoard. Cause sometimes I cant use those for my cricut, with these I can use those hard to use pieces of papers. Cant wait to do more now and use up all these Well thanks for stopping by and hope you check their site out, really a neat idea. :)
By the way I am sorry about my blog background and header I am working on getting it back!

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