Sunday, February 6, 2011


The sun is out just in time for Superbowl. Its been crazy here in Texas first we had ice Monday night got a few inches of ice. Then the finale straw 6 inches of snow on Friday. The ice was still hanging around on Friday morn so the snow really made it fun. But Saturday was sunny and all the ice and snow began to melt. And today its really sunny so the roads will be great. In my last post I said that Gene's mom and dad are in town and they were leaving to go to there sons that day. They did which would have been a welcomed break we were all getting on each other nerves being stuck all together for a 4 days as you can tell from my Well they had to end up coming back that night. There truck got broke into at there doctors office and they took his mom purse and cell. They broke out the window and you would think a cop would carry some plastic on them but no they had to drive back here with the window out. Anyways they come back, I know it could not be helped and I felt so bad for them. They had to stay here friday and sat to go to the DMV and get a new phone. But they left last night and will be down to there other son a few days. They will have to be back Wed for them to look at the truck. And I was informed the night they got the truck broke in they have another doctor appt in two weeks. So that was not welcomed news for That means they will be with us for three weeks. Okay a week of family is enough when you all don't get So anyway way that has been our week not been the best week, I did get to play some xbox last night with friends that was nice. And tomorrow Gene will be going back to work. Maybe with them gone for a few days as well I can craft Monday. I heard that we might have a repeat of ice again Tuesday if it makes it where no one can get our house guess it be a good but Gene needs to work. He is so bored and to he is losing money. So anyway here are some photos of the snow hope everyone else has had better luck than we have had. Now off to store so I can get some snacks for watching super bowl. Have a great Sunday.

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