Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry been MIA

Hey just thought I let the readers know I have not been around due to company. Gene's family came back Sunday night. So have not been able to get into my craft room and looks like they will be around another 3 weeks lucky Anyway to we have been finishing up lose ends with our old home we lived at. We have to get a storage building moved so we have to get in ready. Not going to bore you with details of what all we have to do but we have a lot of stuff to do before the 22nd this next Tuesday. And during this time we had to get Gene's truck repaired set us back a pretty good chunk. But its fixed most important thing. So please bare with me as my post will be limited until I get our stuff done and my craft room becomes my craft room again. I promise once we get all this stuff done I will get back to posting as I was. I cant wait for life to get back to

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