Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafters companion

A few months ago when I ordered some items from custom crops I got the crafter's companion repositionable spray and the stick away. I had seen this product being used by other cricut owners and they seemed to have liked it. To me the two main reasons I wanted to try this was the fact that buying mats can get very costly. And the other reason is that if I can extend the life of the mat that is less waste, a little green. So I wanted to share my thoughts on the application and my review of it. The stick away was pretty easy to use, you spray it on let it set a few mins. It says to use a rag to wipe the sticky off but I found that it still left a film. So I took a old plastic card and scraped it after applying a second coat of stick away. It seemed to work very well removing it, I rinsed the mat off after I was done. So after a few mins I made sure it was dry and took painters tape and taped off the borders of the mat that I did not want the glue at. Then took it OUTSIDE...lol on some news paper and began spraying. I did a few coats really was not sure how much I needed. And after I was done I let it set a few and then took the painters tape off and put the plastic cover back on. It seemed very tacky, so today I thought I would try it.
When I took the plastic off it seemed to take some of the glue with it, maybe I did not give it enough time to set. I was still able to cut without no problem, paper never moved. I will say I am impressed with crafter's companion, I will put another coat of the stick and stray on and let it set longer before placing the plastic back on. So do I think its worth buying yes, after you use it once you will know how much you need to spray on. But with that said I will try to limit how much I use it. Where I see this paying off is if you cut on 12 x 24 mats, those cost so much this will save you money no doubt. I will be getting a new mat and I think I am going to get the imagine mat they work in the expression as well. Heard its better far as the stickiness. By the way if you want to try the crafter's companion custom crops has it on sale. Make sure you get the stick away and the repositionable stick. And practice on a mat that you can no longer cut on, so you can learn how much to use. Thanks for stopping by.

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