Friday, January 6, 2012

Card for 18th birthday!

Sorry have not posted any thing new till now. Took a much needed break after the holidays. This was the first project for 2012 I worked on, its a card for my nephew so did not want to take an chance on him seeing it online. My Nephew Ryan turns turned 18 today!

Where did the time go? Seem like yesterday he was just a tiny little thing I could hold in my arms. The day he was born he was thought to be very early so they ended up care flighting his mom who was in labor at the time to the DFW area. Bless my SIL Jenny's heart she had to ride all by her self by care flight in labor. I cant imagine what that was like. He was born healthy and so darn cute! He had my heart the min I held him. I was an AUNT!

Me holding Ryan and that is my dad. Wow look at the cloths and
I remember being over at there home and he would be crying in the baby bed and they were trying to get him to not want to be held all the time. I would cave in and the min Jenny would leave the room I pick him up I could not stand to here him I know she wanted to strangle But hey was good at walking babys to sleep though so I think she did not mind to much. lol
Now 18 years later he is a young man about to graduate high school this year. He is in the top 5 of this class. He is so smart and has so much drive to scuceed. With his smarts and his drive there is nothing he cant do. He got accepted to Baylor,  just am so proud to call him my nephew. This next year for him will be full of changes as he goes into the next chapter of his life. But for now I just wish him a wonderful birthday with friends and surrounded by family. I think I speak for most who know Ryan we are all so blessed to have him in our lives.
Happy Birthday Ryan!

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June Houck said...

I enjoyed your story about your nephew, Ryan. He will love this card. Fantastic guy card, Michelle!


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