Friday, January 6, 2012

Working on those resolutions?

Wow first post of 2012 sorry not posted yet, life has kinda got back to normal. I worked on a card last night (first project of 2012 )but I cant share it yet. That will be posted Friday night or Saturday, don't want to take the chance on a certain person looking at my blog and seeing there
Anyways so while I wait to post that thought I would share how the new years resolution have been going. This last Monday and Tuesday we worked on the storage are in the attic. We re-decked the storage area. Since we still had all the decorations down we thought better do it now while we can. Don't like to use the attic as storage but for things like holiday decorations I guess its okay. We also have started to add insulation over the garage.
We finished it Tuesday then Weds I started to get the tree ready to go out. It looked like a Christmas bomb went off in our house Weds Today "Thursday" I finished getting it all packed up I had to buy one more Christmas tote. But its so organized now, so happy! Here is the pics I snapped and thought I share the way I am storing Christmas items so next year maybe It will be little easier.

I broke down the boxes on what should be used first. So for us we buy the real tree and get it home. Normally I have him pull all the boxes down and have to hunt for everything. Not this next year! I labeled them by box number, Box 1 has tree lights & tree skirt and house lights & house light clips. Once empty it goes out and ready for box 2. Which has all the fire place decor and fire place garland, garland lights, as well as some house decor. Then bring in box 3 and I have all my good ornaments in this that go on the tree. I keep this box in a closet cause I don't trust the attic with these cause some I have had since I was 13. Box 4 is the finale box which has our angel and basic fill ornaments. I also put the floral picks as well in here that I use in the garlands and tree and wreaths. I am hoping this saves me some time next year cause I spent way to much time looking for stuff this last year. Have it all labeled so even if I forget by next year the contents will make sense. Want to weed out some of the contents so this next year items I don't use I will more than likely get rid of.
So that has been our start to the new year, I would love to hear how you store your decorations? I have heard when you store items where you have it has bad temp change its messes your ornaments up. I hope its not like that for other things like vine decorations or fabrics.

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