Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow we are just a little under a hour to a new year hard to believe. Just wanted to take a min to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope you have a safe new year. I wish you a year of happiness, health and to be surrounded by all those you hold dear. We get to start a new and try to even have a better year than before. We make so many new year resolutions that we plan to keep. Lose that extra weight we gained during the holidays. Eat healthy or work out more. Get organized for once, maybe for some get out of debt. I have done the new years resolutions before and they did not get keep no matter how hard I tried. And mine has always been to get Which I have got a little better about it just not where I would like to be. But this year the resolutions I am making is something I have put last.
1. Get our home finished.
 Start to finally get all these projects we need to do around our house done. We still need to install a new closet system we bought right after we bought our house. And on Jan 8th we have owned our house two years. I have put our home last and its time our home gets finished. I want to have a home I am proud of not one that is full of oh yeah that is another unfinished project. The entry has no paint only texture from where we had it redone, the guest bathroom has the awful wall paper border that I I want to get it down and paint. Most of the framed art is not hanging on our walls there just sitting around waiting to be hung. We have boxes still packed and yes I am ashamed to admit that but I will. lol Its sad. So our home this year is going on the top of the todo list.
2. Take time for myself
Seem like I am always busy either with house work and bills or helping someone find something(hubby). Dont get me wrong I love to help and do for others. But its not fun when you cant even find 30 mins to go for a bike ride or time to craft. I love to ride my bike its so relaxing and I want to be able to get that bike ride on a day when its so pretty outside. Or just make time to get to craft more.
3.Call my mom more often
I will admit I am the worst at calling my mom. She is in a nursing home and she has a hard time hearing me. But even if she cant understand me I plan to call her more cause I realize I wont get to have her in my life as long as I would love to have her. Lest I can hear her voice. She has gotten worse lately to the point where we had to go see her this year for Christmas and that has never happened. It stinks when you live so far from where a parent is.
4. And of corse my normal GET
Yeah right it wont happen I know it wont but my goal is to lest get a tad bit more organized than I am. I keep getting little by little done each year so by the year 2030 maybe I will One thing I would like to make sure I get organized is the garage wow its a
Well that is my 2012 goals its not a list but small enough that its do-able. Hope you find your goals meet and remember not to take on to much and don't beat yourself up cause you did not meet one. Life is a work in progress.

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