Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As promised the ornaments I made.

Hey hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ours was pretty good.We were out of town from Saturday till Monday. Today I took the day to relax, matter fact did not get out of pj's till about 4 pm...lol It was a much needed break, it had been a very busy Dec. Next year I am going to start early with what I can, lesson learned. So much I planed did not get done, had to pick and chose what was the most important on the list. So anyway that leads me to what I am going to post on here. Every year I make my nephews a ornament. Its become a tradition now...lol So this year I did not want to do the clear glass ornaments like I have always done I wanted something different.
One day this month I was watching the Nate Berkus show, and someone cut a birch log in slices and drilled a hole and added them on the tree as decoration. And right then and there I thought of that would be cool if you could stencil something on those. We live in Texas so the only way I am getting birch wood is to order it and I did not have time to get it in and make them so I used normal wood logs. Here was the final result.


back added year using versa mark and stamps
 Here is how I did it
Took a small thin log and cut slices so I ended up with small round about half inch thick slices. Try to keep the cuts clean as you can.
Then I sanded it by hand I would say if you could use a sander on it that would be better but I could not find our sander. And know we have one...lol
I cleaned the wood off really good and made sure vinyl would stick to it.
Cut with the cricut a stencil I used the deer off Camp Out cut at 1 1/4
I applied the vinyl to the log slice. I tool some extra and covered area that the stencil did not cover. Make sure its all covered.
Then I took a versa mark stamp pad and dabbed the inside of the stencil giving it a very good coat of versa mark.
while the vinyl still is on the piece of log I took Prefect Pearls I used copper and them brushed it on and worked it on well.
Once I had a good coat of the prefect pearls I peeled the stencil off to reveal the sharp clean image on the log.
I took a small leaf holly stamp I had on hand and used versa mark to stamp on the back and some on the front.
Then used the prefect pearls once again carefully only getting it on the stamped areas.
I used red stencil on part of the holly stamp image.
Once I had it all done I coated it with polyurethane in a spray can. And don't make my mistake...lol Make sure its not to close and make sure to do light coats and let it dry and then do another coat and so on till you feel you have sealed it well. All that will do is lock the prefect pearls in and make it where it wont come off.
To finish mine off I added a eyelet at the top and added a decorative ornament hook as well as alphabet metal letter for the person it was going to. But you could just drill a hole in the sliced wood and then tie ribbon or twine.
So that is how I made it, was pretty easy hardest part is cutting the slices. Well thanks for looking and that was my finale Christmas project I made. Before we know it we be packing up all the Christmas stuff. Take hours or days to get everything decorated like you want and a day to get it all down and packed up.

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