Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire place mantel

Well as promised wanted to post the fire place mantel. I changed it up a little this year. I added some filler to the garland I use. I have had my garland for many many lol years. Its your standard cheap garland that I paid very little for. I used some fake ivy vine I had and added that as well as went to Home Depot and ask if I could take some tree trimmings off there hands. Best thing ever for garlands that need extra volume to it and its FREE! I also used this in many other places I will post as well this weekend about that.
Anyway I also ran across a wonderful deal I could not believe it, they were going like crazy while I was at Lowe's. They had poinsettias for 2.00 for really big ones in decorative pots that had glitter on them and 1.00 for those in simple foiled pot and .50 for small ones. I got three large ones and one small one for the kitchen.
The two in the silver pots went on the fire place.
To make the center piece to the fire place I used a vine sleigh I got at target for 2.00 in the the 1.00 area. Target 1.00 area has become my favorite place for finding deals on cute stuff. I knew when I seen it what I had planed with it. I used the sleigh and a set of led craft lights and some snow blanket I had a new package as well for the base. I buy the stuff like this at the end of the years so I get it for a few cents and I have it for the next year.

And the finale result was....

The deer are stocking holders but used them as if they were pulling a sleigh. Cover base with snow blanket.

So there we go there is my super cheap mantel on a budget. I think all total I spent 7.00 Well thanks for looking and will post more soon. Have some other things I did with the tree trimmings I will post soon.

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