Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crafty Christmas Ornaments

Three years ago I started a tradition of giving a hand made ornament to my nephews each year. I will be honest I thought they wont like them, there But much to my surprise they loved them. First year I gave them there ornaments they ran around the room showing them off. And had to know how I made So the tradition was born. This Sunday when I was by my brothers home they had there tree up and there on the tree were all the ornaments hanging. I had to smile cause they really keep So when I seen them this past Sunday it reminded me I wanted to share it with you cause last year I did not get a chance to post it. So if your thinking of wanting a personal gift or maybe you just need to get more for your budget making a hand made ornament is a nice way to give a small little gift that does not go out of style or get old cause newer and better come out.
Ones I made last year
I used plain clear glass ornaments. I used things I had on hand to fill the insides. This one was made with fake snow and I cut out a deer with the crciut on vynil. I also used stickles on the outside dotted around the outside. I also added prima poinsettia flower.
I will say one thing Make sure to wash the glass ornaments with some viniger and water mix. Yes smelly but wash it and let them dry out before using. After they dry they dont smell. This year I dont plan on doing a glass ornament I am gonna try something new this year. Last year cause we have a bigger tree I needed some more ornaments so I made some using boxes I had around the house here they are and if you would like to know how to make them check my post out. BOX ORNAMENT
 Well thanks for looking hope this gives you an ideas. :)

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Houses Built of Cards said...

This is SOOO pretty! Thanks so much for joining us at Patches of Pink!!!


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