Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Arrangements

So thought I would post a few X-Mas arrangements I put together. Wanted touches of Christmas around the rooms. This first project was done with almost everything I had on hand. I had the vase on hand and the poinsettia's as well.
I added some tree trimmings got for free at home depot and picks I had on hand. I used some scrap gift wrap and ribbon to the base of the vase.

All I bought for the coffee table center piece was the cinnamon scented pine cones. I love the smell of them so I added those in a glass bowl I never use and added some ornaments and poinsettia and picks I had on hand. As well as used some of the free tree trim.

I made this for the kitchen with the free tree trimmings and so storofoam I had on hand. Wanted to have something Nice to look at in the kithcne since its not joined with the living area.

This is our kitchen and nook

Well that is a few things I did to get a few more touches of Christmas, we have been on a tight budget so I have had to do things that cost zero or very little.
I will post the outside entry next I did it this last Sunday but did not get a chance to take pictures Sunday and then Monday it stormed and rained so I will post them tomorrow. Cant believe Christmas is almost here! Its been a super fast and busy Dec. Well thanks for looking :)

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